Why You Should Consider Elleebana Training

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Do you love helping your loved ones with their hair and makeup? It can be a great feeling to see them happier and with enhanced confidence. For those of us with this passion for beauty and helping others, it can be so much fun! Elleebana training will let you work with others in a bold new way, letting you transfer from hair and makeup to another important area of beauty: eyelashes!

What Is Elleebana?

Elleebana is a fast, safe, and effective lash lift treatment. It uses an ultra-hydrating keratin solution which works quickly to bring out the colours and length of the eyelashes. After twenty minutes, lashes will appear fuller and longer, without the use of harsh chemicals or false extensions. The lashes will last up to three months, without you having to do any maintenance!

Lash lifts and tints are a more natural, less obtrusive alternative to extensions and other lash treatments. But Elleebana lift and tints aren’t just made with quality ingredients; it’s a service that saves time and money while highlighting natural beauty. Lash lifts and tints are a fantastic option for anyone who wants dark, beautifully curled lashes with little additional maintenance or commitment.

The treatment is quick, comfortable, and designed to maximize the natural beauty of the lashes. It perfects the positioning of eyelashes on the silicon rod, giving clients better, fuller results. Your clients will see a definite change almost immediately!

What Can Elleebana Training Do For You?

Elleebana is also something with great income potential, even if you’re not a beautician! Training to apply their products isn’t just for professionals with their own salons. It’s something anyone with an interest in beauty can do, and Elleebana training will give people the skills needed to deliver beautiful lashes right from their own homes.

Training will guide you through your lash lift course, and Elleebana Stylists will get the latest tips and tricks. Your training is designed to help you feel confident when providing this new service to people. If you are a trained beautician, Elleebana can help you widen your skill set and offer another quality service to your clients. If you’re not, you’ll be able to offer a great, original service to family and friends!

Cabelo is now certified in Elleebana’s official training programs, and we’re excited to offer these same courses to aspiring beauty students in London! Elleebana’s main course structure includes Lash Lift Training and the Conversion Course, and trainees will get access to the materials, hands-on training with us, and updates from Elleebana. Come work with us and make beautiful lashes a positive, affordable experience!

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