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Does anyone follow the “wash, rinse, repeat” line on shampoo? Maybe not with conventional two-in-one products, but with Monat, you’ll want to follow these instructions carefully. It’s important that when using any of their hair care products you lather and rinse your hair twice. Monat wants you to wash all your older products right out of your hair!


The Importance Of The First Monat Wash

washed hair - cabelo hair co.Each lather does a different job to return shine and style to your hair. Hair is sort of like your skin: it absorbs the chemicals of your products and whatever touches the strands and scalp. Using conventional products for years can mean that parabens and sulphates could build up around the hair, strip it of its oils, and dry it out. Over time, this residual build-up will dull and discolour hair.  

The first wash with Monat shampoo is meant to do the dirty work: it breaks up the build-up of old styling products and environmental residues in your hair. This cleanout prepares the hair for the second lather. You might notice that there are hardly any bubbles with this first wash, but work it in thoroughly and let the shampoo sit for at least two minutes before rinsing and lathering again. The suds you often experience when shampooing is often formed by sulphates in the product, and Monat haircare systems do not include them or any other chemical ingredients.


The Importance Of A Second Wash

drying washed hair - cabelo hair co.The second time you wash your hair with Monat shampoo is to clean out all the chemicals and environmental debris that has been broken up by the first wash. You will notice that the second lather has far more suds; this is the shampoo moving all the residue and dirt off of your hair.

The first wash should be done with a drop the size of a nickel, but you can use even less in your second lather. You don’t need a lot of Monat shampoo because the products are very concentrated. The second time you use it, you don’t need to let it sit. After you’ve massaged it into your hair thoroughly, rinse your hair not once, but twice. Wring your hair out as much as possible, then apply the conditioner that corresponds with your styling system. Rub a drop of Rejuvenique between your fingers and run it through the ends of your hair for extra shine and conditioning. 


Rejuvenique, hair masques, and other Monat products can boost the health of your hair, but to get the full benefits of your hair care system, you must lather and rinse twice. Clean hair that is free of residual material and chemicals will have a shinier lustre and will be much easier to manage and style!

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