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Laser hair removal is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite way of getting rid of unwanted hair, and the results are much longer-lasting than waxing, plucking, and other procedures. It can even prevent patches from growing back, but getting ultimate laser hair results comes down to one thing: timing.

No word of a lie, timing. Is. Everything. If you want to get the most out of your hair removal appointments, you’ll have to keep them!

How Hair Grows: Understanding Laser Hair Results

Timing is crucial because of how our hair grows. Laser treatments are scheduled to catch the growth cycle of the hair at the beginning, but this cycle comes in three distinct stages:

  • The growth phase (scientifically known as anagen), wherein the body feeds the hair with nutrients through the connection to a blood supply. Hair will usually keep growing for up to six years.
  • The transition phase (scientifically known as catagen) is a shorter period that marks the end of the growth phase, and it lasts up to three weeks. It is the hair cut off from blood flow, after which these hairs turn into club hair in preparation for shedding.
  • The shedding phase (scientifically known as telogen) is when the hair rests and falls out. This phase makes us lose up to 80 head hairs a day!

After about three months of the follicle remaining inert after shedding, it begins at the growth phase again. This is also the phase that we target in laser hair removal, and why you have to keep the follow-up appointments, which are timed to catch the hairs as anagen starts back up again. 

Guarantee The Best Laser Hair Results: Disrupting ALL the Hair at the Growth Phase

Your first appointment is the first time you’ll be disrupting the growth cycle. Laser hair removal will only effectively remove hairs in the growth cycle because it burns out the hair right at the nutrient source. However, the lasers use the pigment of the hair to work, as the colour absorbs the light and convert it to heat energy. Not all your hairs will be ready in this phase to properly absorb the light because not all your hairs are in the growth phase at the same time!

When we burn to remove the hair at the root, not every hair will still be connected to the blood supply; many of them will be club hairs, many of them will be ready to shed, and many of them just won’t show at the skin level. Over time, the reduction of the growth area will show, but you need repeated treatments to make sure that what’s being zapped is in the right stage of development. 

Don’t worry – you’ll see marked improvement with every session, as the lasers catch more and more hair growing in the anagen phase. You’ll just need to keep appointments as the professional at your salon schedules you; they know the growth cycles better than anyone! Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.

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