Why Elleebana Lash Lifts Are The Best

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Is applying eye makeup every morning and taking it off every night slowing you down? It’s even worse when rain, swimming, or even tears cause black streaks down your face and makes a mess of your lashes. It’s almost 2019 – why are we still putting ourselves through this?

The future is here, it’s available, and it’s lash lifts. Lash lifts are semi-permanent treatments designed to give your natural lashes definition and beautifully curled body without extensions or additional makeup like mascara. The treatment you choose should be as natural and effective as possible. Elleebana could be exactly what you’re looking for – here’s why!

Elleebana Is As Natural As Possible

Elleebana works like no other cosmetic product out there. Their lash lifts use silicone rods and a lifting lotion for ultra-hydrating keratin treatments that provide the perfect lift and curl you are looking for. Unlike other lash lift treatments, Elleebana skips on adhesives and chemicals like formaldehyde, keeping your lashes healthy and your body free from that toxic burden!

Elleebana Saves You Time

Lash lifts are designed to save yourself from applying and taking off your eye makeup every day. The formula is similar to a “perm” for your eyelashes, without the harsh chemicals and the weird smell. You can also customize the curl based on your eye shape so that the procedure makes your unique peepers really pop.

While an Elleebana procedure takes roughly twenty minutes to a half-hour to apply, the results can last for up to three months. This saves you so much time and pain!

Elleebana Lashes Don’t Need A Lot Of Care

A good lash lift is like the opposite of a good relationship: it doesn’t need any work on your part. The lashes should do all the work! Elleebana doesn’t require maintenance to power through all the moisture and stresses your eyes go through day-to-day.

The Elleebana lash lift will help you live a mascara-free life, though you can still wear it if you really want to give your lashes an extra boost. Just make sure to avoid waterproof mascara, as the chemicals used can weaken and shorten the lifespan of your lift. Lash lifts can also be paired with a tint to add some extra colour!

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