Monat has come a long way since its founding in 2014. It has since become an industry leader by offering unique, plant-based products that are cruelty-free and vegan. Because of its formulation process and ingredients, the company keeps a tight lip on what’s coming next. Based on 2019, what can we expect in 2020?


Monat Skincare

cabelo x monatReleased in September of this year, Monat’s line of natural skin care products will take centre stage in 2020. Applying their anti-ageing technologies to skin just made sense, and people were clamouring for it: the eight skincare products of the new line, formulated with four exclusive ingredients, sold $4 million in the first 36 hours after launch.

Monat Skincare uses the natural anti-ageing power of botanical oils, exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells, and a rejuvenating proprietary peptide. They developed it using hand-picked ingredients clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. As with all their products, Monat Skincare is naturally based, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Anti-Ageing Haircare 

Anti-ageing isn’t just for the skin. Monat proved it’s for hair, too, and more consumers are looking for restorative, rejuvenating ingredients instead of just cleansing ones. While this is where Monat made its name in the industry, the industry as a whole is expected to ramp up these types of products. Before you see the market flooded by imitators in 2020, find out what made this concept so great by trying Monat!


Healthy Products For Everyone

woman performing laser hair removal on man's back cabelo hair coMonat is not just for adult women – it’s for everyone! Monat has spent the last few years of success expanding its line to include men, children, and even pets. The Monat Junior products, for instance, have specific formulas designed for the squirmiest little ones. Every Junior product is tear-, sulphate– and paraben-free, and the ingredients make them the perfect choice for children ages one to nine. Plus, the line’s highly concentrated formulas allow parents and kids to use less product to get the job done.

They haven’t forgotten Fido either. The Monat Pet Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash removes dirt, grime, and oils to make their coat manageable and soft. After washing up your pet, use the Freshen Up Deodorizing Spray to scavenge and kill lingering odours.

Monat is always taking their products in new directions, and this means we can expect exciting things from them in 2020. It also means we can expect major growth!


Big Growth!

The overnight success of Monat’s skincare shouldn’t come as a surprise. The demand for their original, plant-based haircare has been great since the beginning, and the last few years have been incredible. In 2018, the company completed more than $434 million in sales, a 668% increase from 2016! Best of all, they put the sales directly in the hands of independent dealers across the world. This gives salons like us new opportunities for growth and a direct piece of their revenue.


The Cabelo team loves and stands behind all the Monat products. If you’re looking for hair and skin products that have real, proven anti-ageing benefits, you’ll find everything you need at Cabelo Hair Co.!

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