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We love Monat’s line of hair and skin care, and many of our clients do, too! The company offers more than great, natural products – their sales model helps small businesses and ordinary people like us. Through the Market Partners program, members not only have the opportunity to make larger sales commissions, but they also can make a difference and be a part of the Monat family. All of these perks go through a hub known as My Monat.

My Monat lets our team manage orders, take advantage of extra benefits, and recommend the ideal products for you!


My Monat: Making Business Easier For Us And You!

For small businesses, the community is everything, and Monat knows something about community. They use a tactic called “social marketing” to market their hair and skincare lines. Rather than use traditional retail stores, this direct model of business favours a person-to-person focus. They want their salespeople listening to customers and understanding their needs. My Monat rewards us for doing what we already do: sharing the products and services that could change the lives of our clients!my monat - cabelo hair co

My Monat also helps us keep up with sales and adjust products for demand. It’s a part of running a business that no one enjoys doing, but Monat makes it easy for its Market Partners. The company does all the shipping, product development, marketing, and so much more. This allows us to focus on using and sharing the products! 

This program shows that Monat knows we know our customers and their needs better than anyone. It lets us control how we share, what products to use, and more. This means Market Partners don’t try to move a product because it makes them money – they sell it because they love it, and they know others will enjoy it too!


The Perks Of My Monat

My Monat is how we control this side of our business, but we get more than the ability to stock our shelves. The Monat Smart Start program lets us earn bonuses that increase with our partner rankings. Monat uses these rankings to offer one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry, handing out higher commissions than any other beauty company. It also includes fantastic perks, promotions, and benefits for us and our customers! 


Monat lets our customers continue loving and purchasing products with the VIP Customer Program. This is what they call a “Flexship” service that gives customers automatic renewals at very attractive prices. It will keep our clients satisfied while they support our business!


We love the difference Monat has made for both our clients and our small business. You’ll notice the improvements to your skin and hair almost right away. Stop in to learn more and how My Monat can work for you, too!

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