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Do you ever ration your shampoo and conditioner because you’re not sure when you can get more product? It’s a common problem, and it can throw off many carefully-planned skin and hair care routines. Monat’s Flexship Service is an excellent solution to this problem! The program makes it easier for you to get the hair and skincare products you love, conveniently delivering products directly to your door. 


What Is Monat’s Flexship Service?

Monat’s Flexship Service gives frequent users the chance to never run out of their favourite products and sends these products to users at a discounted price. To take advantage, you have to enroll as a Monat VIP and place your first qualified Flexship order (your Enrollment order). Signing up qualifies you for three orders in total, two after your Enrollment order. Just agree to the terms and payment for your second and third orders, then order them on your schedule. 

Once you’re a VIP, you’ll receive an immediate perk with the Only For You product in your first order! This is a limited edition product that’s exclusively for VIPs, as they are new hair and skincare products that Monat introduces each month. These extra special gifts are valued at a retail price of $25 USD, giving you more bang for your buck! 

The best part of the program is that you get your favourite Monat products at a discounted rate when you need them. No more stocking up just in case you run out sooner than expected – Flexship lets you choose the products that work for you and when they ship. 


What Are The Benefits?

flexship service monat package - cabelo hair co.Monat is a company that understands that everyone has different routines; it’s why we love working with them and their diverse line-up. This is what makes the Flexship Service so groundbreaking for our customers – with this program, they decide when to get their products, not the company. There’s no “autoshipping” here, so if your shampoo lasts longer than expected, you can push the delivery back. You can do this as often as necessary, too, and you have 30 days to get your money back!

Best of all, signing up for the Monat Flexship Service gives you a great discount! VIPs are entitled to 15% off retail prices and free shipping on your orders. This saves you an incredible amount of money over time on products you are going to buy anyway!


Free, convenient shipping, an exclusive gift, a schedule you can control, 15% off products – what’s not to love? Monat’s Flexship Service is perfect for customers who rely on one of their lines of products for their hair and skin types. Come to the Cabelo Hair Co. team to learn more and sign up today!

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