What Is Belmacil?

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Belmacil has a global reputation for being one of the best tinting products for lashes and eyebrows. An Australian company using a formula developed in Switzerland, it’s taken a while for this brand to make it over to Canada, but Belmacil was definitely worth the wait. However, few people can actually get their hands on it in the marketplace here. Why come to Cabelo for a Belmacil lash or eyebrow treatment?

What Is Belmacil and How Does It Work?kit online

Like mentioned above, Belmacil is a relatively new product here, and it’s hard to find for home application. The basic description – a tinting product applied after a lash lift, but it can also be used to make your eyebrows really pop – sounds fairly ordinary. But it’s not the “exotic” Swiss and Australian background that makes it a quality brand; it’s what the brand actually is and does. Belmacil is a strong, lasting lash tint that doesn’t use a harsh chemical load to work, making the tinting process a gentle one.

Belmacil is applied similarly to other tints, and the whole things don’t take more than twenty minutes. After applying a protective balm and gel pads under your eyes, Belmacil dye is applied to your lashes with a micro swab. It’s safe, don’t worry – the balm and gel pads are there to keep your skin from being dyed, too! Your lash cycle determines how long Belmacil will last, so you can expect the results to last up to eight weeks.

Why Belmacil?black

Belmacil is the rare lash tinting product that works for people looking to cut down the chemical load applied to our body. Many of us are already giving up the mascara and going with the tint and lift so that daily makeup application isn’t required. But most dyes on the market require opening up the hair cuticle for the coloring to enter into it and give the hair the new look. This opening and closing, when done often enough with cheap dyes loaded with chemicals, is very bad for the hair, and can cause a lot of damage. This isn’t just for head hair – the same applies to lashes and eyebrows.

The Belmacil formula doesn’t create this problem! When it comes to last curling, tints are also used to prevent the loss of curl, and they require peroxide to work. However, many brands go into overkill, using way too much and causing lasting damage to the small, fine hairs on your lids. Belmacil uses less peroxide than regular tinting products – it uses 3%, whereas most other brands are 20% peroxide and higher, which can cause lasting damage your lashes after curling. The low levels of peroxide mean the cuticle isn’t open as long, allowing it to close faster and without internal damage.

You might have heard of Belmacil’s reputation for gentleness and quality elsewhere on the Internet. Now try it for yourself! Come into Cabelo for the Belmacil treatment and walk out with a gorgeous new look, knowing it won’t harm your eyelashes and eyebrows!

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