Elleebana Training

Cabelo Hair Company is proudly certified in Elleebana’s official training programs and excited to offer these same courses to aspiring students in London. Elleebana’s main course structure includes: Lash Lift Training and the Conversion Course. Now, you can get certified in all of these courses with the help and support of Cabelo.

Elleebana has over 21 years of experience leading the lash and brow services industry and their exclusive lift treatment is one of the quickest and most efficient on the market. These comprehensive courses offer exceptional guidance as you perfect your techniques because excellence is always the goal! At Cabelo, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have, help with areas you could be struggling in and provide you with the continuing support of the Elleebana community.

“I recently was given hands on training by Otto the founder of Elleebana less than a month ago and it was eye-opening and incredibly informative. I’m so excited to extend this same opportunity to my students!” – Sandra Raposo Owner of Cabelo Hair Company

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We’re proud to offer the best in lash lift and tint treatments and we can’t wait to talk to you about your specific needs, as well as answer any questions about Belmacil, Elleebana and Monat! Don’t wait to experience quality brands and professional treatment in Cabelo’s private London, Ontario beauty treatment company!

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