Many products use plant-based ingredients, but they can’t just be any extracts. They have to actually repair and protect your skin. Plant stem cells are one type of important ingredient, and they serve a real purpose for skincare. The antioxidants they bring provide anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties while keeping the skin looking smooth and healthy. They’re what make Monat’s skincare line so helpful, too!


The Anti-Ageing Effects Of Plant Stem Cells

leaf plant stem cells - cabelo hair coSkin takes damage all the time, most of it from everyday life. The results show up as wrinkles and blemishes. Good skincare products should both protect the skin and help it repair itself. This is why plant stem cells are important additions to moisturizers, serums, and essences. They help the skin renew and repair itself, much like human stem cells. Plant stem cells actually have stronger antioxidant qualities than human cells because plants have to be very protective – they can’t move after all! 

Tests have shown that stem cell extracts can reverse the ageing of cultured fibroblasts. Fibroblasts create collagen that strengthens the skin and repairs it, but as they age, they decrease their production. By boosting fibroblasts, antioxidants protect cells from the weather and help your skin to fend off rogue cells known as “free radical damage.” This last attribute is where the anti-inflammatory power of plant-derived ingredients comes in.


Free Radical Damage And Anti-Inflammatory

plant stem cells - cabelo hair coInflammation can be one of the worst problems for the appearance of the skin, and free radical damage is the culprit. Free radicals hurt the skin by trying to take an extra electron from atoms in the skin. When damage happens in this way, it hurts the DNA of the skin, speeding along the ageing process. Smog, dust cigarette smoke and other pollutants can cause this damage, as well as from UV rays. 

The best way to counteract free radicals is with antioxidants! These helpful cells donate an electron to a free radical so that the free radical doesn’t have to take it from the skin’s atoms. The ones found in plant stem cells, including vitamins A, C and E, can repair the damage and prevent free radicals from establishing themselves in the epidermis.


Plant Stem Cells And Monat Skincare

green leaf - cabelo hair coMonat has built a reputation for innovative haircare products, but they’ve brought the same research and creativity to their skincare, too. Their natural, plant-based products harness the power of stem cells to strengthen and protect the skin. It’s a pure way of repairing your skin and preventing wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other damage. It can also provide the right nutrients to stop free radicals and prevent the ageing that comes with their effects.

The stem cells help Monat offer the most advanced approach to anti-ageing skincare available today. Along with plant-based stem cells, their skincare lines include natural fruit acids that smoothen and brighten the skin and an exclusive peptide that tightens and plumps the skin. After a few weeks, your skin will look and feel much better!

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