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We often take “buying local” to mean buying locally-raised food, but community support is much more than where you get your produce. Many companies give people the opportunity to make direct sales, become their own business leaders, and give amazingly personal customer service to local customers. It’s never been easier to buy and support local!

Support Local Means Dollars Stay In The Community

tying hair back woman bright morning light blog image support localNot many companies let spending stay local. We’re not just talking about the massive shadows of major online and big box stores (who all shall remain nameless here, but you know what we’re talking about!); we’re talking about how sales work in general. Most of the profit from sales goes back to the company, most of which are multi-million dollar operations in the United States or Europe.

Buying products from a salon product supplier who lives local means more of the money from sales stays local. Monat is a company that encourages direct sales, meaning more of the process and profits are in the control of the representative. This, on top of other incentives, makes it different from most other companies in the hair and skin care business and keeps more money right in the community.

It’s not just support for the business, though. Local sales directly support families and hard-working people who are balancing multiple business ventures a once. Sourcing your at-home hair care products from one of these sales representatives instead of a big box store helps someone you know rather than a large corporation in another country!

Support Local Means Superior Customer Service

It’s nice to be able to come to a business knowing you’ll trust the person behind the counter. So much of the customer service experience is being outsourced overseas or tucked away behind computer pop-up chat windows, making it a very impersonal experience. This makes it hard to develop any sort of relationship with the source, and as large companies get larger and try to increase their profit margins, they’ll continue to remove more and more friendly faces.

Being a Monat supplier means working hard to do every part of the job, including treatingwoman showering cream monat skin care products promotional blog image customers like actual people. You won’t find us hiding behind pages and pages of unreadable terms of service or annoying muzak as you wait on a hold line. You know where we are, and you know who we are, and that can make a huge difference!

Supporting businesses in your community has never been easier. Trust a rep in your community to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices, with the added bonus of very personal customer service. Few beauty products give buyers the power to keep their dollars local – go with companies that do!

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