Sugar Waxing Versus Shaving

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We already know that sugar waxing is a gentler, less painful replacement for conventional waxing. But how does sugar stack up against the blade? Razors have long been the preferred way to remove hair at home, but should they still have that edge? At Cabelo Hair Co, we don’t think so!

Which One Is Better On The Skin?

The answer: Sugar waxing!

With any hair removal procedure, you have to consider how it will affect your skin. Shaving is incredibly rough on the skin, because to get a close enough shave to remove hair, you’re inevitably going to be scraping the epidermis with a number of blades. This can cause irritation, cuts, bump, and redness that will bother you long after your shave is done.

Sugar waxing, however, is one of the only hair removal treatments that is very gentle on the skin. This is because the sugar doesn’t adhere to live skin and rip it off when the strip is removed. It’s the best way to get smooth, hairless skin without irritation, whether you have sensitive skin or not.

Which One Is Better For The Hair Follicle?

The answer: Sugar Waxing!

One of the biggest positives for sugar waxing is that it doesn’t harm the skin. It also doesn’t harm the hairs, either! Sugar waxing pulls out the hairs rather than cuts them off. Razors won’t pull the hair out at the root; rather, they’ll more likely break the hairs off at an angle, causing skin irritation and the potential for those dreaded ingrown hairs.

Which One Takes Less Time?

The answer: Shaving, but not really.

The reason shaving is so popular is that it doesn’t take as long to run a razor over your legs as it does to apply sugar wax. The problem is that the hair doesn’t stay away as long when you shave! If you want to keep certain parts smooth for a long time, you’ll have to go over it again and again, sometimes within the same week. This is way too much time to devote to hair removal!

A sugaring appointment might take a little longer in the short term, but the hairless results last much longer – up to three months!

Which One Is More Versatile?

The answer: Sugar waxing!

Sugar waxing is great for any part of the body! It’s much easier to apply this gentle wax substitute to hard-to-reach areas than it is to apply shaving gel and a razor. Given that many of these areas are already pretty… sensitive, you probably don’t want the risk of nicks, cuts, burn, and ingrown hairs. One sugar wax treatment will save you from all that pain and discomfort. Book now!

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