shave before laser hair removal

 Before coming in for your laser hair removal treatment, you must shave the area you want to be targeted for the procedure. We don’t think of it as an option, because it makes the appointment safe and pain-free. Even though it sounds counterintuitive (why am I removing the hairs before getting my hairs removed?), shaving takes care of the hair growing above the surface. For laser hair treatments, you want the surface to be clean and what’s below the surface to stay where it is!

Why Should I Shave Before My Laser Hair Treatment?

When you cleanly shave your skin right before your treatment, the lasers will be able to locate your hair follicles much more easily. They also won’t be wasting energy on grown-out hairs. The heat energy won’t be concentrating on the parts above the epidermis, and this will prevent skin damage and unnecessary pain.  

Shave on the day before your treatment. Make sure to toss out your old razor and shave with a brand new, clean blade. Then, gently wash the skin. This helps guarantee that no bacteria will be left on the surface and that the skin stays smooth for the appointment. Because full laser hair removal can take several months and appointments, you should also shave between visits.


What If I Didn’t Shave?

If you forgot to shave, we might have to reschedule the appointment. Hair that is too long can make the treatment impossible to perform. Lasers use heat energy on the hair to damage the follicles right at the root. If the hair is too long, this heat will burn out the entire hair. This will result in burning the surface of your skin. 

Clients should have the hair of the target area still in the follicle but not sticking above the skin. The best way to get that is with a close shave before the treatment. This makes your laser hair removal effective and free of accidents. Therefore, please make it a priority the day of your appointment!


What If I’m A Waxer? 

We all have our favourite hair removal treatments. However, these can conflict when you want to change how you do it. Waxing yanks the root right out of the follicle, leaving no pigment for the laser to target and zap away. If you’re a die-hard waxer thinking about making the move to laser hair removal, don’t get a wax for four weeks before your first appointment. Neither should you pluck the hairs, epilate, or use depilatory creams.

Try and time a shave for the day of your laser removal appointment. Make sure the skin is clean and free of moisturizer, deodorant, or other products.

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