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Monat Founders Opportunity

A word of EXCITING NEWS!!!!  Not only can Monat users upgrade to become a PARTNER, but MONAT just announced that they have opened up an EMERGING FOUNDERS POOL opportunity!!!!

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What does this mean? Have you ever won the lottery? Well, this would be the equivalent <3. Profit sharing means that if you become a FOUNDER with us, you would earn an additional bonus cheque every three months from the company. JUST AS A BONUS and individuals will receive this for a lifetime. Back in 2015, those shares started at 3 figures, then went up to 4!  Current Founders are making $15,000 additional a month ($60,000 a year!). It will continue to go up as the company grows.  And we are almost at a BILLION dollars in less than 5 years! It took STARBUCKS 25 years to get to a million.  It took Mary Kay 86 years and Arbonne still hasn’t gotten there after 44 years… We are also launching new anti-ageing products later this year and going into 2 more countries in the following two!

If you are ambitious and serious about learning more, I will be Mentoring a few more individuals this month!  Give it one year, and see how your life can transform… Did you know you can become a Partner with Monat at the lowest investment with the biggest return? We pay 50% to the dollar of commissions compared to most companies that pay out 35-42%. It’s so much more than a hair care company!

Friendships. Gratitude. Travels. Time freedom. Building a business. Becoming debt free. Building a platform to influence.

You can start your own business for as little as $249! NO sales quota. NO website fees. 30% off. ALWAYS. Access to flash sales & promotions. Access to our team pages, training and a community of empowering people. Private message me for details!

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