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Colour-treated hair requires a product made with safe ingredients to look its best. Many hair colouring treatments can make the hair quite sensitive, so having the right shampoo and conditioner is essential. Luckily, Monat’s hair systems cover every type of hair, and this includes colour-treated hair!

Why Does Treated Hair Need Extra Attention?

Most colour treatments are no longer going to be natural, where the colour coats the outside of the hair. Now, treatments will use a chemical like peroxide or ammonia to open up the hair shaft. Woman brushing back colour treated hair - Cabelo Hair Co.This allows the pigment to slip into the hair, colouring it from the inside. Eventually, the shampoo will dislodge the pigment molecules from the shaft. 

When used too often, chemical colourings can take a real toll on the health of hair. Constantly opening and closing the hair cuticle can cause lasting damage that is hard to repair. After repeated treatments, the shaft will have a difficult time re-closing. The chemicals used to open the cuticle can also strip off the natural oils that protect the hair. Stripped, damaged cuticles retain less moisture, causing dryness and frizz. Many people find that their hair colour won’t stay in as long as they expect. 

People should expect the colour to stay in once it is applied, without the need for repeated treatments. This is why it’s important to use hair care products that have no chemically-derived ingredients. When made from the right natural ingredients, hair products won’t add further damage to your hair. They also have the bonus of helping keep your results looking better for longer!


Naturally Derived Ingredients, Healthy Hair

You mustn’t use chemical-based hair products on hair that has been treated with chemicals. Overuse of chemicals on your hair could lead to serious damage such as thinning hair or even hair loss. In the long run, chemically-based ingredients can do much more harm than good. Woman with coloured hair - Cabelo Hair Co.

Luckily, Monat has exclusive ingredients that help strengthen your hair, even after chemical treatments. One of the proprietary ingredients Monat uses in all of their products is Crodasorb. This is a powerful ingredient used to protect hair against UV damage and help preserve the colour of the hair, whether it’s natural or treated with a colour. Regardless, Crodasorb acts as a shield that helps to protect both natural melanin and chemical colouring, keeping every strand protected and strong.

Unlike many popular hair care companies, all of Monat’s hair systems are formulated with 100% natural ingredients. You won’t find any ingredients that will further harm your hair, like parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, and artificial colours or fragrances. This makes the whole line of Monat products completely safe for treated hair, and you no longer have to worry about your shampoo and conditioner system taking more from your hair!

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