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Mascara used to be the go-to for enhancing lashes. Recently, though, a new challenger has appeared, making a huge splash in salons all over North America: the lash tint.

While applying a lash tint is different than applying mascara, it has become a new favourite for many people looking to ditch the makeup in favour of more maintenance-free options. But which one is really better?

Lash Tinting vs. Mascara: Which Is Better?

woman's eye lifted eyelashes cabelo hair coYou know what mascara is: it’s used to thicken and lengthen lashes while making them appear darker. Love it or hate it, mascara is a convenient way to enhance your eyes. It can be applied at home without the need of a professional, and you can choose a different colour whenever you want.

You can probably already reel off some of mascara’s biggest problems, though. If improperly applied or if it dries out, mascara can clump and look very unnatural. It has to be applied and removed every day, and even then, it won’t always last until bedtime – tears, sweat, and water can easily cause it to run or streak. Many “streak-free” mascaras are laden with chemicals, and sometimes it even causes allergic reactions, making it hard for certain people to find an appropriate product they can use regularly.

Lash tinting’s best features come from how long the colour lasts. A good lash tint will keep its appearance four to six weeks (or longer!), without the need for touch-ups, maintenance, or reapplication. They will not run when wet, which is great for athletes or those of us who easily get a bit weepy-eyed. They also look completely natural, and the colour choice can match perfectly with your hair and skin colour.

The cons of lash tints all relate to the lack of home use. Lash tints should be applied by a professional in a salon Semi Permanent Mascara Iconsetting, because they can be harmful if applied incorrectly, especially with home kits. If improperly used, the tint can stain the skin. To get this, you’ll have to pay a bit more upfront than you would have to for mascara.

Even the cons aren’t all bad, though. Going with a salon is a great way to ensure that the ingredients in the lash tint are healthy and natural and that there is a controlled environment in case of allergic reactions.

Why Lash Tints Win

For us, and the many people who have left our chairs with incredible lashes, the choice is clear: lash tints win over mascara! Once you’ve paid to have the lash tint procedure done, you’re looking at huge time savings for your morning routine, not to mention the fact that you won’t have to buy new mascara. No maintenance, no touch-ups, no worrying about how you look when having a night out – just great eyelashes. It’s a quick, relaxing treatment, too, and in twenty minutes, you’ll be out the door! Contact us to learn more.

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