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Lash lift and tints are the perfect way to get solid definition and colour to your eyelashes. Like every salon procedure, they need proper TLC to stay their best and lash as long as possible. By following the care guidelines, your lift and tint will last not just days or weeks, but months!

Lash Lift and Tint: The First 24 – 48 Hours

Lash lifts are known for their lasting results, but the first day or two after are the most important. The treatment will still be solidifying, so you need to be very gentle with your eyes. For the first 24 hours, you can’t use makeup, get them wet, or use another type of treatment on them. This means no mascara, no swimming, and be very, very careful in the shower! Don’t rub your eyes, either; if you feel persistent irritation, use a cool compress to calm the inflammation down.

For the first two days, do not sleep on your face, and don’t use hot water on your eyes. Avoid steam, too, so stay out of the sauna until the third day after your treatment and don’t look into your pots on the stove!

Lash Tint and Lift After 48 Hours

On day three, you should be clear to get into a steamy shower and take a swim without damaging those fierce lashes. To keep the lift in tip-top shape and preserve the tint, avoid serums, conditioners, exfoliants, and any oil-based products like waterproof mascara; these can dissolve the tint well ahead of schedule. Don’t rub or itch your eyes, either, and try to keep sleeping on your back to keep your face off the pillow.

Why Isn’t My Lash Tint Lasting As Long As My Lift?

Smiling girl with stunning lashesWhile lash lifts and tints work together to make your eyelashes look fabulous, you might notice that the “tint” part isn’t sticking around as long. This is natural; after two to three weeks, your lashes will grow out and the tint will begin fading on its own. What you do can keep it around to the very end!

While the tint should give you that eye-popping colour you’ve been craving if you need to use makeup on the lashes, choose very carefully and make sure no oil is in the ingredients list. Use a very gentle face cleanser and/or makeup remover. Wear sunglasses when out on a sunny day, because UV rays can fade the colour real fast! Again, do not rub your eyes! It can be the worst thing for your lashes, and they’ll lose their colour, their body, and even just come off!  

Keeping your lash treatments in great condition is a lot easier than it sounds. After the first two days, the lift and tint will be ready to handle more stress. If you need a reminder, just check out how good your eyes look are after the treatment is over – you’ll never forget that!

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