Lash Extensions or Lash Lift and Tint?

Lash Tints and Lifts

Not everyone’s eyelashes do what they want them to do. We all go through life struggling to get that perfect lift and curl, to brighten our eyes and add some extra character. If you want to toss the mascara and eyelash curlers away, but can’t bear to put on falsies, you basically have two options: extensions or lifts. One’s more natural than the other, but which one’s better?

Lash Extensions: Fuller Lash Lines

If you’re eyeing the red carpet and envying the ladies’ lashes, don’t get too jealous – they’re definitely fake. But that’s not a bad thing! Lash extensions are artificial lashes, usually made of silk, that are attached to your real eyelashes with an adhesive. The results are highly customizable, letting you pick the length, thickness, and curl of your lashes. They need to be refilled every two to three weeks to maintain the full look, but the full look is well worth the visits. If your lash line is naturally sparse or just want to add that extra something, lash extensions add volume to your lashline, in any degree from naturally full to red-carpet glamorous.

They do require a lot more care than lash lifts, however, and the frequent touch-ups required might not fit in with your schedule. To many of us, it might seem obvious that you shouldn’t touch your lash extensions, and you have to really try to avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent your natural lashes from falling out and creating gaps in the lash line. At the same time, you can’t not touch them, either; extensions have to be cleaned of oil and dead skin accumulation that can break down the lash adhesive. Clean your lash line regularly with special shampoo (not Head and Shoulders) or a gentle makeup remover, rinse, then pat dry the area with a fresh, clean towel.

You might hear some horror stories about extensions, but if you have a good lash technician, you won’t have to worry. We’ll be able to choose the lash extension that’s right for you, and expertly place them to avoid any irritation.


Long Lashes

Lash Lift and Tint: The Natural

Lash lifts are the more natural option, giving any sad-looking eyelashes a much needed lift and curl. Think of it as a perm, except without the large amounts of harsh chemicals. Basically, how it works is after the technician cleanses your lashes, they’re combed up to take the shape of a little silicon shield that’s attached to your eyelid. A perm solution is applied, softening your lashes so they’re moldable; most perm solutions have to be eye-safe, so, often, they’re made with organic ingredients. This is left on for up to 12 minutes (depending on your hair), after which a setting solution is used to lock the shape in. A nourishing lotion brings the moisture back to your now-longer looking, lifted lashes.

Even with care being a breeze, the lift results can last as many as 12 weeks, which is pretty amazing. The tint part lasts fewer weeks than the lift, so don’t toss that mascara out just yet. Tinting after the lift can add colour and depth to your lash line, which is perfect if you want to look your best for a low-maintenance vacation.

Lift or Extension: Which One Is For You?

So, which one’s better? Both options are super customizable, and you can determine what shape and curl you want. Lift and tints are very popular right now for good reason. For those of us who need lashes looking better and longer, for less, a lash lift is the best bet. It’s a more low-maintenance process than extensions, and the lasting results can fit in with people’s schedules. They’re also more affordable!

The thing is, lifts can’t do everything. While they’re pricier, extensions can give volume to sparse eyelash lines, whereas lifts and tints can’t. Though they’re not as natural (not natural at all, really!), extensions still look the part, with the attachment going down to the root of your real lashes. There’s a reason celebs swear by extensions when the cameras are on.

Whether it’s lifts or extensions, no one will know the difference – you’ll wake up with beautiful looking eyelashes from morning ’til night. Your choice will depend on your lashes, your routine, and your budget. Contact Cabelo Hair Co. today!

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