Laser Hair Removal for Men

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Hey ladies, we’re gonna ask that you leave your man alone for a second because we really need to talk. She gone? Alright, here’s the thing: guys, it’s okay for you to want laser hair removal! We know you’re jealous of your girl’s smooth skin. We know you have those problem areas. It doesn’t make you any less of a man to want any annoying hair gone, too!

Hair removal for men has come along way since Steve Carrell backed out of a chest wax in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. So what’s the deal? Is laser hair removal different for men than it is for women?

Laser Hair Removal Is For Everyone!

The answer’s pretty short: no! Laser hair removal is the same, no matter the sex. A beam of light is directed past the skin and into the follicle below the epidermis, where it is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and turns into heat. Without damaging the skin, this heat burns the root to prevent it from regrowing. The hair is removed, and with more treatment, the follicle dies and will not grow in that spot again. It might not be permanent the first time, but regardless, it stays away much longer than it would with a shave or wax.

This more permanent procedure for hair removal is very popular with athletes who can’t be constantly grooming themselves in preparation for every event. Swimmers remove their hair to “shave” those previous milliseconds off their times; cyclists use it on their lower bodies to reduce painful chafing that happens when skin rubs against the tight clothes and seat of the bike, and bodybuilders will use it to keep the hair away so as to increase their muscle definition.

You really don’t need to be anything more than a couch potato to get laser hair removal treatments, though! If there’s a spot you find yourself grooming too often and just want it taken care of, lasers could be just the technology you need.

Common Men’s Laser Hair Removal

The main reason any man would consider laser hair removal is that they have too much unwanted hair. If the hair on your chest, back, or anywhere else makes you uncomfortable but also makes for uncomfortable and lengthy bouts of shaving, laser hair removal can really help. You don’t even have to go for the complete “Ken doll” look – you can thin out body hair and give any area the look you want.

Procedures are even good for men who hate shaving and want their faces to stay clean-shaven, too! Irritation, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis (a common skin inflammation caused by bacteria) can make shaving a pain for many men. Laser hair removal can make these issues disappear, and is a lot less painful than waxing. It can restore the skin and even the hair that grows out of it, as laser hair removal is the only way to combat pseudofolliculitis barbae, a persistent irritation caused by ingrown hairs as a result of shaving. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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