Laser hair removal has drastically changed since it was invented. Many people think that it’s a painful and long procedure, but it has become a lot quicker and a lot more comfortable. One question remains for many of those considering the treatment: is laser hair removal permanent?

The short answer is not completely. The results from a laser removal procedure last a lot longer than plucking or wax, and they can effectively remove up to 90% of the hair, but they’re not likely to hit 100%. This is due more to how hair grows than how the procedure works.

The Permanent Myth

Many people believe that laser hair removal will give them permanent results, and this belief is understandable. Laser treatment targets the hairs deep in the follicle, getting absorbed by the pigment to “burn” it out, making the hair follicles dormant for a long time. Hearing that the hairs will be “burned off” with something as fancy as a laser makes people think of it as a permanent solution. A professional will hit only the follicle with the heat and not harm the surrounding skin.

But the fact is, most people will see hair growth again, even after several procedures. This is because not all the hairs will be in the same part of their growth cycle. Laser hair removal targets pigment, the chemical that gives hair its colour. Because hair growth comes in multiple phases, many of the hairs could be light and fair, not effectively burning the follicle.

This can affect how it grows back. Laser hair removal doesn’t damage any part of your body other than the hair. After several sessions, the procedure can result in severely diminishing the hair’s ability to regrow. But the lasers do not permanently damaged the hair follicles, and when they’re not “destroyed”, there’s always the chance that they can repair and start hair production again.

How Long Does Hair Stay Away?

When the laser hair treatment is done, the growth will be reduced to such a degree that you might not need a razor for touch-ups anymore, but the procedure probably won’t prevent all the hair from fully growing back. You’ll most likely see hair completely gone for up to six weeks after the first procedure; to achieve that 80 – 90% hair reduction in the area of your choice, you might need six or seven procedures.

It’s good to remember that laser hair treatments might not work for every part of the body, or for everyone for that matter. As mentioned earlier, the lasers only targets pigment, meaning it’s not very effective on blonde or fair hair. Always book a consultation ahead of time to make sure the procedure will work for you!

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