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Tangling is one of the most stubborn hair problems. It’s also a painful problem, and anyone who has tried to detangle their hair in a rush can relate to that. Don’t despair – there’s a lot you can do to straighten your strands without the pain of pulling them into line! That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the newest member of Monat’s line of hair care products: Unknot Detangler. It will be such a great addition to your regular line-up, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without it!


What Causes Knotty Hair? 

unknot detangler for knotted hair - cabelo hair coHave you ever wondered why your hair mattes and tangles so easily? If it seems like your hair has a grudge against you, don’t take it personally. Tangles can form for any number of reasons, including your hair’s natural texture, how often you’re brushing it, its health, and even how long you leave it exposed to the elements.

The hair type has the biggest impact. If you have super thick, curly hair, or long hair that is fine, you probably notice tangles form without much prodding. But how well you take care of your hair can determine its susceptibility to matting. Very dry, damaged hair that doesn’t see conditioner very often will develop tangles quite easily. Going to bed with your hair down, leaving it exposed on windy, rainy days, or not brushing it during the day are all recipes for knots. 

Whatever your hair type or care habits, we know you’ll love Unknot Detangler by Monat.


What Is Monat Unknot Detangler?

woman with tangled hair - cabelo hair coUnknot Detangler is a lightweight product you use after a shower to condition the hair and restore its health. It’s designed to leave individual hair strands soft, healthy, and knot-free. It uses the power of Rejuvenique to infuse your hair with intense hydration, while Fiber Rescue, a plant-based lipoprotein technology, gets into the hair’s cortex. This ingredient targets damage at a microscopic level, restoring each strand from root to tip to give them renewed strength and manageability. 

Conditioning your hair is one of the best ways to relieve tangles, and Unknot Detangler makes this a breeze. Spray the product on towel-dried hair (focusing on the tangled areas), comb it through your hair, and ta-da! The matting is gone and you can style your hair as usual. You’ll notice that not only do the tangles disappear but that your hair is softer and less frizzy! 

It’s not just untangling the hair with ease that has us excited – Unknot Detangler has many other benefits for your hair, too. The product contains a UV absorber to protect against colour fading and the nutrient-rich formula that strengthens and protects hair from breakage caused by brushing. By using it regularly, you’ll find your hair will be more manageable and your products performing much better!

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