Can Laser Hair Removal Help With Ingrown Hair?

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Ingrown hairs can be just the worst on every possible level: painful and embarrassing, they can also lead to uncomfortable inflammations that scar your skin and give it an inflamed red colour. But anytime you shave or wax, they always seem to appear a few days later, no matter how close think you get that razor or how cleanly you yank off your strips.

The best solution for ingrown hair removal? Laser treatments! It can help people with stubborn, persistent ingrown hair problems as a result of shaving or waxing in any area, from the legs up to the face. Whether you’re shaving your neck or waxing your bikini zone, laser hair removal is great for both men and women!

What is an Ingrown Hair?

An ingrown hair is a hair that curls up beneath or grows sideways into the skin, usually as a result of the hairingrown hair blog image cabelo hair co london ontario breaking unevenly. This is why a common cause of ingrown hairs is shaving curved hair follicles, and why they show up a lot on the faces of men and the legs of women. A sharp, broken hair will grow at strange angles and often needs help getting through the skin.

You know you have an ingrown hair when you spot what looks like acne. The red “pimple” is caused by your skin reacting to an ingrown hair – it’s treating it like a foreign object (which it technically is!), and the inflammation is how it tries to fight it. The resulting pustule needs to be treated properly and cleanly.

razor bump blog image cabelo hair co london ontarioAnyone who has hair removed in any area will often see the formation of ingrown hairs, and they’re common in the face, legs, bikini zone, and underarms. While they’re usually not serious enough to get medical care involved, scratching and “popping” them can lead to bacterial infections and scarring. Laser hair treatments can get rid of ingrown hairs and stop them from developing at their very root.

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs With Laser Treatment

Anyone who has these curly hairs or fine hair can find relief from chronic ingrown hairs with laser treatments. Where shaving (and even waxing) breaks off the hair at an angle, laser treatments go right to the source: the follicle. By burning the follicle, laser hair removal doesn’t give stubborn hair a chance to grow back sideways or curl in on itself. When the hair eventually grows back, it goes cleanly through the opening in the skin.

Another way that lasers help reduce ingrown hairs is by slowly getting rid of the hair. As you continue to treat the area, the hair will grow thinner and finer, and sometimes eventually stops altogether. You can’t get an ingrown hair if the hair won’t grow in the first place! Remember, it’s not an overnight solution, but with regularly scheduled laser treatments, hair can stop growing in certain areas.

Ingrown Hair Removal and Men

laser hair removal in progress image cabelo hair company london ontarioMany ladies know the pain all too well, as they shave or wax large areas of their bodies very frequently. But men also fight the problem on a regular basis, usually on their necks. This is known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, or barber’s itch, and it causes redness and ingrown hairs that can make shaving an incredibly uncomfortable experience. Laser hair treatments can help men who experience this problem by getting rid of many of the hairs that grow on the neck, reducing inflammation and problem hairs.

No matter where the ingrown hairs are a problem, we can help! By choosing laser hair treatments, you’re getting rid of hair growth at the source and can help hairs that just don’t want to grow through the follicle. Don’t live with the discomfort any longer – fight back against stubborn ingrown hairs with laser hair removal!

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