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Eyebrow tinting is one of the best and least invasive ways of framing the face and adding some definition around the eyes (and maybe a pop of colour!). But how often should you have the colour reapplied? The answer to this depends on two things: the growth cycle of your eyebrow hairs and the product used to tint them.


How Long Does An Eyebrow Tint Last?

eyebrow tinting - cabelo hair coThere are no permanent eyebrow tints because all our hairs have a growth cycle. The growth of the eyebrow hairs will cause any applied colour to fade, and at the end of this cycle, eyebrow hairs will fall out naturally and the cycle will begin again. 

The growth cycle of the eyebrows lasts between three to four months, the slowest of any hair on the body. But any tint applied will fade much sooner than that as the brows grow out through the last phase of the cycle. You can keep up with minor touch-ups, but regular tinting appointments will give you strong, bold colour as long as you want it. You should have your brows fully tinted every six to eight weeks, depending on the hairs and product you use on them.


How Does Colour Affect When I Book A Tinting?

eyebrow tint example - cabelo hair coHow often a tint becomes necessary varies from person to person because not everyone’s brow shape, growth cycle, and lifestyle are the same. The main reason to get an eyebrow tint is to make thin, sparse-looking brows a much fuller appearance. If someone has naturally thin eyebrows, they may shed hairs more often and the tint might not last as long. However, if the brows are a colour that makes them look thin ( e.g. blonde hairs) the definition and boldness provided by tinting might last a little longer.

Many genetic factors determine the length of a growth cycle and how long a tint can be expected to last. (Contrary to popular belief, blonde hair does not grow out faster than dark hair) Lifestyle is also an important factor. If someone spends a lot of time outside exposed to UV rays, the tint can fade sooner than the expected six to eight weeks. Other things that are harmful to tinting include chlorine, saltwater, and many oil-based face washes.


The Belmacil Advantage

One of the best tinting brands is Belmacil. Every tint in their Swiss-formulated line lasts for up to eight weeks. Whether used on lashes or brows, Belmacil tints are easy to apply and stay vibrant for longer than any other tints on the market.

The best part is that a 20ml tube of Belmacil tint can deliver approximately 100 applications. If you’re looking to expand your makeup repertoire, Belmacil is a comfortable, easy, and affordable way to please clients with long-lasting brow colour!

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