The Monat products’ success has put them in the top five of the fastest growing companies in the hair care industry, and the brand is only getting stronger. How did they do this? Much like many other upstart companies these days, they did it by finding a way to improve a long-standing product and disrupting the sales model!

The Innovative Ingredients Of Monat

Monat infused their entire line of products with an ingredient called Capixyl. They derive this key ingredient from red clover, and it acts as a gentle emollient. Capixyl hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth. Capixyl is found in just about every Monat product, even the styling lines, and it has outstanding clinical results that shows it helps stimulate an increase in hair regrowth and works to decrease hair loss. 

It’s not just Capixyl; Monat has made a number of botanically-derived ingredients key parts of their lines, including: 

    • Procataline: This is a natural blend of antioxidants, featuring Pea Extract. It helps protect and strengthen hair follicles in an effort to combat premature thinning while also enhancing shine and colour.
    • Crodasorb: This ingredient protects your hair from damaging UV rays, keeping individual strands of hair strong and preserving the pigmentation of the hair.
    • Rejuvenique: One of their most famous ingredients, Rejuvenique is a blend of more than thirteen natural oils, making it rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients. These ingredients are great for both the skin and hair. Rejuvenique is one of the most powerful supplements you could possibly add to your hair care routine.

All these incredibly beneficial ingredients help make Monat’s commitment to natural ingredients so much easier to stand by; They have since set a standard in the hair care market that few have been able to match.


Monat: Putting Hair Care Into Hands That Actually Care


Many consider Monat one of the most innovative beauty companies. This is because of their commitment to making hair products with natural ingredients. However, their innovations aren’t restricted to their various product lines. They know that they can get their lab’s formula correct. But they also know the consumer is going to trust the word of the people who know and work with their hair.

They are the first natural hair care company to spread their influence globally via direct sales. This puts the power into the hands of people who know and love hair care more than anyone else. 

By doing this, customers looking for products that accommodate their specific hair needs can turn to people they trust. This is better than going by technical copy written on the bottle. Today, Monat presents a new path for budding entrepreneurs who are passionate about hair. And also for salons who only want the best for their customers. 

Cabelo Hair is proud to recommend and provide the Monat line of salon-quality products, because they’re the company that trusted us to make the best decisions for our clients. We’ll help you find the best hair care system for your needs!

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      Sandra Raposo says:

      Hello! Yes it does. Monat is anti-aging, boosts and promotes hair growth by providing the optimal environment to grow.


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