You probably know how much we love Monat products, but there’s so much more to the company than natural hair care systems. Since its foundation, Monat has made charity and community-building a high priority, and Market Partners all over the world are doing good deeds with the help of the company. It’s not just something Monat has gone out of their way to do – charitable giving goes hand in hand with everything they do!

Monat Gratitude

Monat Market Partners are uniquely positioned to do more for their community. Around the world, people just like us have given back through the Monat Gratitude program, the company’s global philanthropic initiative. It’s an important part of their operations, and it assists the company in raising money and resources for a diverse array of charitable organizations. Monat Gratitude helps Market Partners get the resources needed to raise money, supplies, and awareness for food banks, cancer research, and veterans organizations in Canada, the U.S., and the United Kingdom.

Monat helps volunteers to so many different things, especially things that are relevant to the interests and talents of the Market Partners. In Miami, for instance, Monat members provided free haircuts and meals to local homeless men and women. One Market Partner made a massive $250,000 donation to assist a ministry and homeless shelter in Oklahoma!

The initiatives start at the very top, too; when Monat President Stuart MacMillan participated in No Shave November for men’s health and cancer research, over $30,000 was donated by the end of the month. Head office workers in all branches are encouraged to complete a certain number of volunteer hours every year, too. It’s amazing what a little inspiration and a positive attitude can do!

Monat Canada

Monat Canada, in particular, has been singled out time and time again for their good deeds. The Canadian arm of the company received the Direct Sellers Association Making a Difference Award for its charitable impact on communities all across Canada. It’s not hard to understand why: Monat Canada’s corporate staff participates in volunteer service at nonprofits like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Yellow Brick House, two social services centre providing help and hope for Canadian families.

Through Monat Gratitude, Monat Canada invested more than $14,000 in monetary donations and goods to the Salvation Army Community Centers and Disaster Relief in Fort McMurray, Alberta following the devastating wildfires in 2016. In 2017, they donated $5,000 to Wounded Warriors, a charity and veterans service organization that provides programs for wounded veterans.

Cabelo is proud to be a member of the Monat family, because no matter how big the company gets, charity has always been completely intertwined with their corporate goals. As your local Market Partner, you’ll know we’re not just working to help you – we’re working to help our community, and help Monat initiatives around the world! Contact us to learn more!

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