When choosing skincare products, you know the best choice is the one you can try. Monat, the company that makes our favourite hair and skin products, knows this too. Last year, they released their new Skincare line in a groundbreaking – a cross-continent tour!

Monat’s Healthy Skin Revolution Tour was an exciting opportunity for Market Partners and their guests to experience the company’s new skincare lineup in person. In its unique way, the tour revolutionized the beauty industry by giving one of the most popular new lines of products an unveiling no one will forget!

What Is The Healthy Skin Revolution Tour?


Last year, Monat began there, a roadshow across North America created to let every person discover their best healthy, glowing skin. The team took along their licensed medical aestheticians and skincare experts to introduce the (at the time) new Monat Skincare to consumers firsthand. This experience was open to everyone, and every stop included a skincare expo with their revolutionary spa truck and educational training for Monat market partners and their guests.


Each stop of the tour to date attracted crowds of between 200 and 800 people. With celebrations and aesthetician-led demonstrations of the new products, the mobile tour even built a following on Instagram and sparked anticipation with each stop. Lines of Monat Market Partners in white Cadillacs welcoming the truck to each city!


Along the way, they encouraged participants to come with non-perishable food to donate on-site. Through their Monat Gratitude charity, the Health Skin Revolution team collected over 10,000 pounds of food that they distributed to food banks across North America. It was more than just about seeing new products – it was a time for the community to come together and do something much larger than any of us could do alone!

The Monat Skin Care Revolution


To say that the Healthy Skin Revolution Tour was, well, revolutionary is an understatement. The rollout of Monat Skincare, the company’s eight-piece collection, sold a record-breaking $4 million in its first 36 hours and 50 percent of its 2019 forecast in only three weeks. The products went on to have long waiting lists, but on this tour, many Monat fans got to see the power for themselves first-hand before anyone else!


The most in-demand product on the tour was (and even though it’s over, still is) Eye Smooth, a cream that boosts elasticity around the eyes. It’s still one of the most popular Monat products in any of their lines! Another product that made a popular debut on the Healthy Skin Revolution Tour was Rewind Age Control Nectar, a hyaluronic serum with natural fruit acids. Both products use Rejuvenique, Monat’s blend of 14+ botanical oils and extracts that infuses the skin with hydration and leaves it feeling soft and luminous.


The Healthy Skin Revolution Tour was a fun way to explore new Monat products and try them out. It was also a super cool way to promote the items, like a Lollapalooza for skincare. We’re excited that their products are now available to our clients, and the Cabelo team can give you a little slice of this revolutionary tour!


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