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Lash lifts can transform and enhance your eyes. The treatment should keep its shape for six to eight weeks, and you can do a lot to make sure your lashes go the distance. This includes avoiding the wrong products and choosing the right ones. Here’s how you can easily find the best aftercare products for your lash lifts!

What Not To Use

lash lift aftercare - cabelo hair co

It’s always easiest to start with what to avoid. Begin your search by carefully reading the ingredient lists of all the products you already have and anything you plan on buying. If these products include oils or petroleum-based products, avoid them as long as you have lash lifts!

The oil used in these products – and even natural oils like coconut – can break up the adhesive that keeps the silicon rods where they are. This will cause your lash lift to lose its shape very quickly. To make sure this doesn’t happen, read or research the ingredients in everything you use on your face, including makeup, makeup remover, and face cleansers.

Also, avoid most lash conditioners and treatments. These can be made with ingredients that dry the lashes rather than nourishing them. If the colour of the lashes works for you, you won’t have to apply anything more than gentle products made with the proper ingredients to clean the area. Before using anything, wait a day or two until the lash adhesive is completely dry.


Finding Quality Lash Lift Aftercare Products

lash lifts - cabelo hair coThe best products are made with natural, plant-based ingredients. Start by finding a proper cleanser to provide proper lash hygiene, wash any mascara off safely (more on that below!), and prevent dirt from irritating the area. It’s important to be choosy because common chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate and parabens dry out the lashes and break down the adhesives. Over time, these toxins can also impact your natural eyelashes. Healthy, natural alternatives include rose water, chamomile, and white tea extract. Apply the cleaner with a disposable wand made with natural fibres, as reusing a wand can contaminate the area!

Not all additives are bad, either! The right aftercare product should include ingredients like amino acids and proteins in its formula. These will work to strengthen your lashes and help maintain the volume. Proper ingredients include arginine, biotin, and keratin, and look for products that feature them prominently.

eye lash lift aftercare - cabelo hair co

If you got a tint with your lift, the whole treatment should have given your eyelashes enough shape, volume, and colour to avoid mascara. Still, many clients prefer to keep using their eye makeup. If you can’t leave the mascara behind, choose one that is mineral-based. Try to ensure that the wand uses natural fibres for the gentleness and a beautiful finish. Many options also include helpful ingredients like keratin and biotin in their formulas. Just make sure to remove the mascara within 24 hours of application.

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