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Many of us are looking to redefine our eyebrows in a major way, but getting them dyed can be a pain, especially for those with sensitive skin. Many of us also walk out of salons disappointed with the results, but don’t blame your brows – it’s probably the dye! It’s time to think about henna as the new, all-natural way to get the depth and definition you’ve been craving. How it’s sourced makes it perfect for sensitive skin, but what other benefits does henna have for those who want gorgeous eyebrows? Get excited about the henna brows trend today!

What is Henna For Hair?

Henna is a natural plant-based pigment derived from the Lawsonia inermis, also known as the Hina tree. It’s a word synonymous with intricate body art from the Middle East and India, where it has been used since ancient times to dye skin and fingernails for temporary tattooing. Young women have been using it to celebrate holidays since the Bronze Age, but in the last decade or two, it has gained popularity in North America, and artists now adorn people from all walks of life with detailed temporary tattoos for all sorts of occasions.

The dye used for skin is also great for hair, where it can be added to deepen colour without harsh chemical treatments that can break down structure. Usually henna comes in shades only between red and dark brown, and the scant selection of colour doesn’t make this dye a super hot commodity for new ‘dos (though it’s a wonderful, natural choice of hair dye if you love the colours). Henna’s spectrum does, however, make for absolutely stunning henna brows!

Why Eyebrow Henna?

For those of us who cringe at the term microblading or the lists of chemicals in conventional products, henna might be the best way to get gorgeous, safe, pain-free eyebrow enhancement. Most brow tints and dyes are made with vegetable by-products, which require hydrogen peroxide or other chemical activators to help the colour develop. Henna is a natural alternative, so anyone whose skin has negative reactions to harsh chemicals have nothing to worry about.

What makes henna one of the best dyes for eyebrows is that it tints both the hair and skin, adding a depth and definition that is almost impossible to beat. It’s typically applied with a henna eyebrow pen and is sensitively and professionally provided in treatment. Henna is also one of the most natural dyes you can find on the market, if not the most natural, so anyone concerned about the colour getting on the skin can stop worrying – there’s no risk of irritation.

Henna Brows Really Last!

Henna lasts just as long as vegetable dyes, keeping its vibrancy for around four weeks. Unlike conventional brow tints, there’s no intense colour which fades after a few days as it settles. However, henna can take much longer to apply than conventional dyes, varying to some degree but usually a couple of hours. Once it’s applied to the eyebrows, plastic protection is put on top to help it set undisturbed.

If you’ve struggled for so long with getting your eyebrows right, or you’re looking to swear off chemical dyes forever, come to us to start your love affair with henna eyebrows. Cabelo also provides henna eyebrows training after many years of seminars, conferences and education. This deep, bold, and natural look just can’t be beat!

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