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A lot of men have a skincare routine that is, whether they admit it or not, fairly rigorous. As they deal with shaving and washing, they do a better job than a lot of women (and their fellow manly men) will give them credit for! But there are some skincare actions that every man should adopt, and one of those is exfoliating with a facial scrub.

Exfoliation, the gentle removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface, is something everyone should consider adding to their facial skincare routine. It doesn’t even have to be every day; just once or twice a week can really improve the health of that very sensitive area!

Why Should Men Exfoliate?

cabelo hair co exfoliating men cream blog imageFor anyone, exfoliating with a gentle facial scrub is incredibly beneficial: it removes dead skin cells, flakes, dirt, and oil; it can clean out pores, preventing blackheads, acne, and other scarring blemishes; and it gives the skin a polished, clean look, stopping the development of uneven dark spots. The deep cleaning action of a good scrub or exfoliating tool is easy to incorporate into the routine of even the most stubborn man. But it does so much more!

For men, exfoliation can be especially helpful in preventing ingrown hairs on the face. If there’s too much dead skin or dirt blocking the hair follicle, the hair can become “lost” and grow sideways, sometimes creating a pimple-like blemish in the process. A nice scrub will “uproot” those misguided hairs and prevent the discomfort attached. If you have a stubborn ingrown hair problem any time you shave, it might just be that you need an exfoliant to work its magic!

Not All Scrubs Are Equal

Choosing the exfoliant that works best for you isn’t challenging, so long as you’re aware that there are specific scrubs for specific parts of the body. Don’t just blast your face with a body scrub in the shower!:

  • Facial Scrub: Gritty enough to get excess oils and dead skin off your face, but should be gentle enough to not cabelo hair co exfoliating men skincare blog imagedamage the skin (this means no apricot scrubs!). Only use prescribed facial scrubs on the face, as other products can be too abrasive, and don’t use every day.
  • Body scrubs are a bit more abrasive, as they have more work ahead of them. Wherever you have flaky, dry, dead skin on your body (i.e. the feet, elbows, etc.) use a body scrub. Many body washes have them gritty scrub materials right in them but choose wisely.
  • Exfoliant tools like loofahs, cloths, and buffing soaps can be used alongside your normal, non-exfoliant wash. They are abrasive and should be used only once or twice a week on the body (unless you bought a product specifically designed for the face).

How Should You Exfoliate?

Exfoliating one’s face is easy, but many men go at it like they’re sanding a deck. Thoroughly wash your face, then slowly, gently massage the exfoliant into the skin with circular motions. Take the dime-sized blob on your fingertips and start with the cheeks, working your way to the outside of your face. Try to get all the follicles on your face to prevent ingrown hairs. Follow with a men’s skin toner (for pH balance), then a face moisturizer.

As mentioned above (and we’ll say it again, because it should be known throughout the land), only exfoliate once or twice a week, maybe three times depending on your level of dryness. Exfoliate too often and you can really damage healthy skin and thin it out. Have regular days when you incorporate a facial scrub into your hygiene routine. You’ll feel so much better, and your shaves will be much easier, too! Let us know what you think about these tips and contact us with your questions!

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