If you’re a trained Elleebana lash lift provider, you’ll know that the company is always working to improve their products. This time they’ve gone above and beyond, taking client feedback to heart by improving their already beloved lash lifting adhesive. The new 10ml adhesive squeeze tube gives both you and your clients a new and convenient lash lift experience!

How Has Original Lash Lift Improved?

The application of the Elleebana lash lift is quick and easy – you’ve probably got it down to 20 minutes, which your clients probably appreciate! Elleebana has improved the product by making it easier and more convenient to dispense the adhesive while working on a client’s eyelashes.

Elleebana has kept the same formula while improving the packaging and accessibility of the product. It’s still the Elleebana Original Lash Lift you know and love, but this lash lift adhesive is now available in a squeeze tube. Best of all, it’s a bigger tube for the same price!

The new 10ml tube allows for more applications while preserving the product from spoiling. The squeeze tube reduces the chance of air being pushed in and oxidizing the adhesive, increasing the shelf life after opening and allowing you to get more product and applications out of one tube. This new packaging also means a reduction in waste!

How To Use Original Elleebana Adhesive

As a trained Elleebana lash lift provider, you know that convenience is key not just for clients looking to ditch their mascara, but for you as you apply it! The new packaging of the Original Lash Lift adhesive will reduce the chance of cross-contamination and let you stay close to your client as you apply the adhesive.

You can dispense a small amount of adhesive into a glue ring, a 2-in-1 mixing dish, or any other mixing apparatus you have. Working from a glue ring is great because you can be working closer to your client and potentially speed up the application process.

When using Lash Lift adhesive, you are not allowing the micro brush to touch any adhesive that will be used on any other customers. Only use one micro brush with the same client to prevent even the potential for cross-contamination. You can reseal the squeeze tube as soon as you dispense the required amount, preventing continued air exposure that can oxidize the adhesive and make it less useful.

If you know of someone looking to expand their beauty skills, the team at Cabelo Hair Company is proudly certified to teach Elleebana’s official training programs to aspiring students here in London! Elleebana’s main course structure includes both Lash Lift Training and the Conversion Course. Students in London can get certified in both of these courses with the help and hands-on support of Cabelo.

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