Laser hair removal is one of the most exciting aesthetic developments in recent memory, but some people might not believe it can work for them. It’s true that the laser treatments don’t always have an effect on fair hair; however, not all body hairs grow the same way!

Redheads might have heard that they aren’t good “candidates” for this procedure. This isn’t always true, and laser hair removal absolutely can work on red hair. Whether or not you’re a good fit for laser hair removal all comes down to the density of your body hair, the pigment of the hair in that spot, and the shade of your skin.

Laser Removal And Red Hair

You might already know that laser hair removal doesn’t really work as well on fair hair; this is because the concentrated beams of light used for hair removal are actually based on contrast between the hair and skin. It singles out the pigment of the hair root, targeting it so that the surrounding layers of skin do not get damaged as the hair is being heated up and destroyed. When the laser has trouble distinguishing the pigment of the hair from the skin, it doesn’t work as well!

Laser hair removal works best with dark hair contrasted with light skin because the laser is easily absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair. The problem for redheads is that many of them have very light red or blonde body hairs, ruining the necessary precision capabilities of the laser. But this is where having a very fair complexion comes in handy.

Laser Hair Removal: What’s A Redhead To Do?

For anyone with red hair who is also sick of razors and wax, don’t fret; many will find that laser hair removal can work for them. If the hairs are darker than the surrounding skin, it can be quite effective. Because red hair will absorb less energy due to its lack of pigment, they will likely need more follow-up treatments than someone with darker hair to permanently reduce their unwanted body hair.

Of course, what doesn’t work for one redhead might work well for another. If a natural redhead has a darker tone of red hair or has thicker hair, then the laser hair removal will work. Generally, it takes at least five laser treatments to achieve maximum hair growth reduction, though with fairer hair it could take a few more.

We’ll repeat: it is absolutely possible to get laser hair removal as a redhead! Don’t think that you have to settle for razors just because your body has more of one color and less of another. A professional should be able to assess your situation and give you solid advice, so if you think the hair on a part of your body is sufficiently dark, contact us to book a free consultation.

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