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How Often Should I Tint My Eyebrows?

Eyebrow tinting is one of the best and least invasive ways of framing the face and adding some definition around the eyes (and maybe a pop of colour!). But how often should you have the colour reapplied? The answer to this depends on two things:…
the modern mom show
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The Modern Mom Show!

Imagine a weekend that has everything you’re looking for as a mom, and then some. Are you picturing some sort of Mom Woodstock, with all your favorites coming out and making it the coolest experience possible? You’re not far off, so…
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Do I Need An Eyelash Serum?

Long, luxurious lashes are the best way to bring out your eyes, and Cabelo Hair Co. offers some great services to highlight their natural beauty. But after you’ve had that lift-and-tint done and you’re feeling great about your lashes, you…
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The Official Cabelo Hair Co Gift Guide

Stuck for gifts this holiday season? Cabelo has you covered, and we have gifts that are guaranteed to impress your incredibly picky friends and family members this year. Introduce them to a whole new world of beauty and win Christmas morning…
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Eyebrow Sugaring 101

We’ve all tried many different things to sculpt our eyebrows to perfection, often with painful results. The skin around your eyes is incredibly sensitive, making the ideal eyebrows elusive for a lot of people who think they can’t deal with…
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Eyebrow Henna Explained

Many of us are looking to redefine our eyebrows in a major way, but getting them dyed can be a pain, especially for those with sensitive skin. Many of us also walk out of salons disappointed with the results, but don’t blame your brows - it’s…