People have many strongly-held beliefs about the proper way to wash their hair. One of them is that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day, but this isn’t necessarily true! Your needs depend on your hair type, and luckily, Monat has something for everyone. The right ingredients should protect your hair whether you need to use the shampoo daily or not!

Can I Use Monat Every Day?

You can use Monat every day! Their plant-based ingredients are gentle enough to protect the hair’s natural oils, while still strengthening it from the roots to the tips. Because there are no harsh synthetic ingredients, it’s much easier on the hair, allowing for more regular use. But while you can use your shampoo daily, it’s important to know when you should use it as often as that.

In some instances, using shampoo every day can strip the hair of important nutrients if you don’t have the hair type for this routine. This can even be the case with a formula that is perfect for your needs. Washing too often can also dry out the scalp, causing irritation, redness, and dandruff in a way that your conditioner won’t always solve.

monatFiguring out the right shampooing schedule is all about what kind of hair you have. If you have fine or oily hair, it’s probably best to shampoo daily. But if you have normal hair, you can wash it three times a week, and dry hair can go even longer between shampooings. The times between washing for very dry hair will allow the natural oils to moisturize the hair. If you can, keep gaps between washings to no more than three days.

One thing everyone can use daily is the Monat conditioner that pairs with their shampoo. Conditioners are essential for rehydrating hair and replenishing important nutrients. If you’re someone who doesn’t need to wash their hair daily, you might want to consider conditioning on the “days off.”

Other Monat Washing Tips!

Monat’s hair care systems are unlike anything else on the market, so prepare yourself to use it differently. Because these products are highly concentrated, you don’t need to use a lot. If you have short or very fine hair, use a dime-sized drop; for longer or thicker hair, use a drop roughly the size of a nickel.

The first time you use a Monat shampoo system, it’s important to wash your hair twice. The first wash dislodges and removes excess grime, dirt, and oil build-up; the second shampoo will get the cleaning power of Monat right into your roots, creating a proper lather that will wash all the unwanted debris right down the drain.

Even on the second wash, though, you might notice it’s not creating a lather. Monat shampoos don’t contain sulfates that conventional shampoos use to create the suds. Don’t worry – it’s still working! Add some Rejuvenique and apply a masque afterward. Once you’ve finished, you’ll realize it’s the best hair care system you’ve ever tried!

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