How To Really Achieve Success As A Monat Consultant

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Have you thought of becoming a Monat consultant? It’s a job that puts you in control, letting you decide how long you work, who you work with, and how you want to share these natural, sustainable products with the wider world. But if you really want to be successful as a Monat consultant, there are certain tactics you can use to go as far as possible!

Promoting Monat

To understand what’s needed to succeed, you need to understand Monat. Monat is a company that uses social marketing to sell products. This tactic lets consultants make the most of personal, one-on-one interactions rather than using their own intensive marketing or advertising efforts. This is why you have to really understand why you’re selling Monat in order to succeed – you’ll be selling yourself, too.

To start, write out your personal story. What brought you to Monat? How has it been valuable to you? Why did you choose to get involved with a business where you can dictate your own hours and be your own boss? The why’s of your new venture will show customers and potential team members how the product can work for them.

Personality must reflect your love of Monat’s hair care treatments, but you’ve got to live by example! You have to show how Monat products have been valuable to you, and pass on this value in the stories you tell. Use social media to tell this story, taking lots of pictures where you’d normally use Monat products. It’s authentic, and you’ll better understand what your product can do for the individual needs of your potential customers.

Sometimes, you might need a little help. Expanding your reach online and building a strong team of Market Partners can boost your sales!

Go Social and Build a Team

Through social marketing, you get to know more people and understand what they need. Sometimes, though, face-to-face doesn’t always work out how you think. It takes time, commitment, and won’t always lead to success. Social media and bringing in Market Partners can  widen your network and give yourself a profile for future recommendations

Monat Eye WonderIn your social media postings, use personal experience, customer experience, and your knowledge of the products to really make it known that you are not just an expert, but the expert. Don’t make sales posts the focus, but rather make that sparkling personality the centre. Instagram and Facebook are perfect mediums for this kind of outreach!

Monat is a business, too, and you can grow yours like any other! Market Partners allow you to easily grow your business. You’ll share in the success of the people you bring in, receiving portions of commissions and bonuses on top of what you already get through sales.

It takes time and commitment to really grow as a Monat consultant. But for every motivated #girlboss, an opportunity is out there. Follow these steps and you can really succeed at making the world a better place, one hair at a time!

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